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Advertising has evolved. No longer it is restricted to print publications, static billboards, radio, and television. Modern technologies have opened the door to a whole new era of advertising–digital advertising. Digital advertising allows marketers and advertisers to reach and appeal to their core audiences in new ways and with more precision.

Social Media and Email Marketing are playing an increasingly important role in the way we find and share information online. That is why we always discuss integration with social media and the collection of customer email addresses at an early stage of the website specification process.

The level of interaction depends entirely on our clients’ needs, but the important thing is that all staff at Projectt have an expert understanding of what is possible. Updates in the field of social media are made every day to ensure we all keep our finger on the pulse by staying up-to-date via blogs and forums. Our Digital Marketing experts are helping businesses in Burnley, Nelson & other towns of Lancashire to successfully execute their Digital Advertising Campaigns.

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