Project Description


Tyre Bay MCR are stockists of new and part-worn Tyres, Alloy Wheels, Alloy Wheel Refurbishment and other vehicle related services. They required a fully responsive Digital website built to represent their highly creditable business.


The core aim of our digital strategy was to provide Content, design and performance across all devices to ensure usability and satisfaction, consequently, driving in more business and sales.

The carefully selected imagery emphasised the products and services available, improving the user experience of the site.


We were assigned to design a successful website which will:

  • Boost sales
  • Build awareness
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve workflow
  • and help the company grow


It was clear the differing budget groups all needed differing things from the site. Therefore, We needed a clear strategy and plan before we jumped into the design process.

We considered these factors in establishing a strategy:

  • What sets us apart from our competitors
  • The site must reflect who we are
  • Increase leads and conversion
  • Make the site responsive


Once the stategy plan was identified, the UX was discovered. Engaging and relevant content was created providing a positive experience, keeping users loyal to Tyre Bay MCR.

A key design challenge was to make the website focus more on Tyres, Alloy Wheels and Servicing, which has been achieved by allocating separate sections for each service/product.

Visual Design.

The site showcased Tyre Bay MCR’s Products and services, whilst effortlessly displaying information in a methodical design.

The presented information is easy to understand and navigate, helping existing and potential customers find what they need, taking the customer one step closer to making a sale or getting in touch.


Bearing in mind, today’s websites need to reach a variety of audiences using multiple devices and screen sizes, Tyre Bay Mcr’s website has also been optimized for mobile devices to ensure the best user experience.

The site ensures fantastic ability for staff to interact with clients quickly and clearly, through integrated social media tabs. Customers are able to find answers to their queries, quickly and efficiently. This technology was used to increase customer interaction and thus the business benefitting, creating a stronger public image.

Digital Promotions.