Project Description

Setting a New Standard.

iChauffer is an East Lancashire based premier chauffeur company providing professional executive chauffeur services and affordable luxury chauffeur driven car hire.

iChauffer were looking to re-define their brand through an enhanced customer experience that matched their outstanding reputation in the chauffeuring field. Projectt implemented a new Digital and Marketing Strategy for iChauffer alongside a brand new platform centered around driving increased customer enquiries.


Our approach was to develop a fully- responsive website, to display key services, their unique proposition and, an online presence.

The purpose of our marketing strategy is to identify and then communicate the benefits of the business offerings to the target market.
Focusing on implementing the strategy, monitoring its effectiveness and making any adjustments required to maintain its success.


Through the Effective graphic design of the website we were able to set an air of professionalism and an appearance of authority on their competitors. We intend to bridge the gap between online customers and ichauffer, to optimize their potential.

In order to achieve this, Projectt implemented ichauffer’s marketing strategy by identifying keywords relevant to the market research. Thus enhancing sales by not only providing more exposure but also by providing targeted exposure.


The enhanced graphic design increases the usability of the site by keeping navigation simple, making sure the graphics are content appropriate, and choosing eye-pleasing colours and text styles.

The simplicity of the page layouts means at any point in the user’s site engagement they could enter into the quote process.

Communication channels’ availability and visibility was one of core thing during the whole web design & user journey process.

Visual Design.

The goal was to create a rich visual experience, allowing users to find out every bit of detail about the services in a structured format.

  • We Created a clear visual hierarchy of contrast, so the user can see at a glance what is important and what is peripheral
  • Defined functional regions of the page with the help of images & headings
  • Group page elements that are related, so that there is a clear structure in the contents


The website is fully responsive and renders perfectly on all types of devices and screen sizes, including devices with retina screens. It is built with a combination of HTML and purpose written CSS to ensure that site plans work seamlessly on all devices.

The content management system is WordPress.


Projectt was responsible for the complete overhaul of iChauffer’s web search architecture. This was redesigned to increase organic visibility for target search terms throughout the targeted geographical locations.

Visibility of the new website in organic search engine results have been improving on a regular basis. This is being monitored on a weekly basis via Google Analytics. Daily, Weekly & Monthly plans are being implemented to increase the future visitor numbers.


Projectt setup following online campaigns for

  • Google AdWords PPC campaigns targeting each service with special focus on Airport Transfers
  • Facebook PPC to generate leads and promote business

Performance of all these campaigns is being monitor on a monthly basis.

Video Advertisement.