Project Description

The Story.

 Humanity Care Relief is a UK based international relief and development charity established in 2015. It was created after working with various national and international charities for over 10 years.

The Task.

Humanity Care relief wanted a professionally designed platform, providing the charity with a professional image, which will inspire even greater confidence, resulting in attracting and converting a higher proportion of prospective donors. This was of particular importance since they do not have a store front to promote their work or services.

The Method.

The strategy was to produce a website as a great place to introduce their work and efforts. We wanted the user to reflect upon the struggles of those less fortunate. In order to achieve such goals, the use of effective imagery and bold colours had been utilised to differentiate between different targeted areas.

The Design.

Our client required an exemplary user experience, bringing forth information, whilst also demonstrating simplicity. There had to be a seamless merging of text and graphical design. In a nutshell, we created a UX experience which ensured all users positively reinforce the brand, resulting in a more cohesive and coherent relationship.

The Focus.

The focus was to attract prospects, convert them into qualified leads and then convert leads into returning donors. We included a follow- up process through a combination PPC and social Media marketing to increase the percentage of people willing to donate.

The Result

Clean Layout

Easy Navigation

User Friendly

The First Appeal.