Project Description

Heating, Plumbing & Electrical Contractor Website

Eco World are a Heating, Plumbing & Electrical contractor. They have been providing their services in East Lancashire since 2001.

Our aim was to create a re-vitalised web platform for Eco World, designed to significantly increase the number of prospective customers enquiring through the site, as well as delivering a fully responsive and engaging digital experience for visitors.


Projectt were tasked with delivering the latest state of the art digital solution which should transform Eco World’s business. One of the major task of this project was to deliver a new looking, easy to navigate website.

Key project objectives included:

  • Design and Develop a new fully responsive website
  • Easy to use CMS System and data collection forms all around the website
  • Organise online campaigns to promote the new development and increase the number of users
  • Create Social Media profiles which have potential to engage the audience
  • Create PPC campaigns targeting all their services


The core aim of our digital strategy was to produce a website that conformed to a simple, clean, modern, energetic look.

We introduced a consistent colour association in alignment with the brand colour palette. Images used for the development were to give a warm family feel whilst visiting the website.


We designed a simplistic, yet immersive user experience with clear and informative calls to action throughout.

A key design challenge was to accommodate sheer number of products and services offered by Eco World. We focused on the key services and increased their prominence in the navigation menu.

Visual Design.

Our aim was to create a rich visual experience, allowing customers to find out every bit of detail about the product in a structured format.

We created a set of responsive site plans to enhance how users are able to view all the options available to them when replacing a boiler. We also ensured that photography used was consistent and is related to Eco World’s identity.


The website is fully responsive and renders perfectly on all types of devices and screen sizes, including devices with retina screens. It is built with a combination of HTML and purpose written CSS to ensure that site plans work seamlessly on all devices.

The content management system is WordPress.


Projectt was responsible for the complete overhaul of Eco World’s web search architecture. This was redesigned to increase organic visibility for target search terms troughout the targeted geographical locations.

Visibility of the new website in organic search engine results have been improving on a regular basis. This is being monitored on a weekly basis via Google Analytics. Daily, Weekly & Monthly plans are being implemented to increase the future visitor numbers.


Projectt setup following online campaigns for Eco World

  • Google AdWords PPC campaigns targeting each service on its own
  • Facebook PPC to generate leads and promote business

Performance of all these campaigns is being monitor on a monthly basis.

The Result.